Our Declaration on Safety

Our Declaration on Safety

Although work-related injuries in the construction industry are exhibiting a long-term reduction trend, recent years have seen an increase; the number of deaths and accidents increased in 2012.

Unfortunately, our company reflected this trend, with the number of work-related injuries (including continuous labor), experiencing a sharp increase from 7 or 8 to 14 incidents than in previous years.

Furthermore, although no work-related deaths or injuries occurred prior to August 2008, these extremely unfortunate occurrences were experienced in June 2012, and this situation is causing our company’s safety management grave concern.

The increase in these incidents is believed to have been influenced by a decrease in “frontline labor” due to a national shortage of technicians and workers and a decrease in the quality of laborers in every facet of construction related to the restoration and reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake. A review of the causes of our company’s incidents found a lack of basic knowledge and danger awareness as well as insufficient guidance and supervision to be major factors. Although it is difficult to quickly improve labor shortage, there is no excuse for work-related injuries.

Each and every employee must be indoctrinated with the idea that “No matter what, I will not cause a work-related injury, nor will I allow one to occur.”

Therefore, we intend to work together to achieve the idea of zero work-related injuries and pleasant workplace by establishing the following four important tactics for this year’s slogan.

“Everyone wants zero injuries. Let’s all make it happen!!”
Important tactics
  1. Thorough countermeasures to prevent injuries from collisions and falls
  2. Discipline through organization, order, neatness, and cleanliness
  3. Discipline through organization, order, neatness, and cleanliness
  4. Thorough training of new workers toward “graduation”

Taking into consideration the suffering of both the injured person and family members when work-related injuries occur, our continual efforts to prevent injuries should never be considered a burden.

We request your proactive efforts as we all work toward creating a workplace of happiness and health.

April 1, 2021

Rinkai Nissan Construction Co., Ltd.

President and CEO Yuji Maeda