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Corporate Overview

Trade Name

Rinkai Nissan Construction Co., Ltd.


2-11-8 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0012

TEL: 03(6897)4801(General Affairs Department) FAX: 03(6897)4808


May 1926


January 1936




¥1,950 (million)

Number of Employees

657 (as of the end of March 2021)


Designated construction company (Certified by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) (designation-29) number 2315


Licensed as a housing construction contractor by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (4) number 7731


Registered general contracting office - Tokyo Municipal Government - number 31438
Registered surveyor - number (2)-34941
Registered construction consultant - Const. 03 - number 5688
(Department of Ports and Airports, Department of Frame Structures and Concrete,
and Department of Construction Planning, Construction Equipment, and Integration,and Department of Environment )


ISO 9001-2008 (JISQ 9001-2008) Registration Number MSA-QS-2733
ISO 14001-2004 (JISQ 14001-2004) Registration Number MSA-ES-615
[Design and construction of civil engineering structures and buildings in the domestic office]

Business Purpose

  1. General Construction
  2. Contracting of civil engineering and building projects, planning, providing technical services and related testing, design, and construction administration
  3. Ports, dredging, land reclamation, land improvement and river construction, and related activities
  4. Land development; area development; municipal development; offshore development; resource development; planning and testing, research, design, construction administration, provision of technical services and consulting related to landscaping/green business and environmental protection and maintenance
  5. Testing, design, and construction related to telecommunication construction
  6. Construction consultant
  7. Surveyingt
  8. Construction and leasing of equipment and commercial property related to ports
  9. Research and development of civil technology and construction equipment related to offshore development
  10. Design, manufacture, processing, sales, and leasing of construction materials; collection and sales of sand, gravel, soil, and stone
  11. Manufacture, sales, leasing, repair, and import export of construction machine tools, ships, and other equipment
  12. Planning, testing, design, quantity surveying, administration, construction, and consultant contracting related to facilities for environment improvement, pollution control and cleanup
  13. Planning, testing, design, quantity surveying, administration, construction, and consulting related to the cleanup of contaminated areas
  14. Collection, transport, and management of industrial waste
  15. Land and see transportation and cargo delivery services
  16. Design, administration, construction, and sales of housing units
  17. Sales, leasing, intermediation, maintenance, management, and appraisal of real estate and related consulting; management and consulting related to real estate investments
  18. Development, acquisition, licensing, and sales of various types of software utilizing industrial property rights and intangible property rights such as copyrights, proprietary knowledge, and computers
  19. Maintenance and management of hotels, nursing homes, company and employee training facilities, sports facilities, and recreation facilities; trade, solicitation and intermediary service of related memberships
  20. All businesses incidental or related to each of the listed items

Affiliated companies

  • Eirin Construction, Ltd.(Headquarters: Osaka, Construction industry)
  • Shoritsu Estates Co. Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Realestate, Insurance industries)
  • Thai Rinkai Nissan Co., Ltd.
  • Thai Rinkai Nissan Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand, Construction industry)

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