Corporate History

Corporate History(Chronology)

Brief History of Rinkai Nissan Construction Co., Ltd.

Nov. 2023

Headquarter moved

May 2023

Completion of the barge unloader ship “Yashimaru” to deal with environmental issues

Apr. 2023

Completed construction of Kanda Biomass Power Plant

Jan. 2023

Completed construction of Imabari Yume Village Satoyama Stadium in Aichi Prefecture

Jun. 2021

Completion of Indonesia Patimban Port Development Project (Phase 1) Package 1 Terminal (Consortium)

Mar. 2018

Completed construction of APA Hotel & Resort Nishi-Shinjuku Gochome Station Tower

Sep. 2017

Completed construction of The Marugame New Dock ordered by Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Sep. 2016

Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has become a major shareholder.

Apr. 2016

Yokohama Sales Office changed to Yokohama Sales Branch.

Apr. 2015

Opened Myanmar Office, and South Pacific Office

Mar. 2015

New capital reached ¥1,950 million

Jul. 2011

Completed construction of Hokuriku Shinkansen Mizuhashikaihatsu bridge (length: 1,422 m)

Mar. 2010

Completed construction of Elderly Person Health and Welfare Center ( Alice No Mori Minami Azabu ) of Shinsei Jukai & Rakuwa Welfare Association (six floors with 19,619 square meters of total floor area at Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Jun. 2008

Completed construction of The No. 9 Paper Machine Finishing Building (Niigata Factory) of Hokuetsu Paper Mills Ltd. (currently Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Co. Ltd.)

Nov. 2005

Received the 46th Building Contractors Association (BCS) Award for the construction of the Hiroshima City Environmental Central Office

Mar. 2005

Completed construction of the Seto Japan Pavilion for the Aichi Expo

Sep. 2004

Received the order for Kokyogaien Shimize dredging work from the Ministry of the Environment

Jul. 2003

Establishment of Rinkai Construction Co., Ltd.

Oct. 2000

Received the order (JV) for The Construction of Chubu Centrair International Airport Island in Aichi Prefecture

Apr. 1997

Completion of A Large-sized pneumatic mud transportation vessel "Fujin Maru"

Jul. 1992

Completion of The Complex Type Resort "Risonare Pibre Club Kobuchizawa (currently Hoshino Resorts Risonare Yatsugatake)"

Feb. 1988

Participated in the construction of the Tokyo New Metropolitan City Hall "Shinto" building (48-story first city hall building)

Oct. 1986

Received the 28th Building Contractors Association (BCS) Award for the construction of the Nippon Mining Museum

Dec. 1986

Received the order for construction of the new Kansai International Airport

Jan. 1976

Received the order for a three-company joint venture for building the new international airport in Singapore

Sep. 1974

Construction of a super large scale dock (800,000-ton, 500,000-ton) boasting state of the art equipment in the Hitachi Zosen KK (currently Japan Marine United) Ariake factory

Oct. 1973

Established an office in Jakarta (Republic of Indonesia) to begin expansion into overseas markets

Dec. 1966

Construction of the Shiseido Headquarters building in Tokyo's Ginza district

Jun. 1958

Introduced the cutterless construction method from the Netherlands that was pivotal in the Hachirogata reclamation project

Nov. 1952

Received the order from Fukuoka Bank for the Fukuoka Building (9-story Yaesu, Tokyo), the first large-scale construction project after the war

Aug. 1945

Received the order for Yatsushiro reclamation work ordered by Kumamoto Prefectural Government

Jun. 1933

Contracted the construction of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.'s Yokohama factory. (the first automobile factory in Japan)

May 1926

Rinkai Civil Engineering Industries founded as a sole proprietorship by Noritake Watanabe (first president of the company). Received the order to develop the site for the Tokyo Haneda International Airport.

Feb. 1924

Nissan Construction was founded: Kuhara Mining employee Hirasaku Miyanaga obtained the business license for civil engineering construction contracting